Components of the IoT ecosystem

We offer transverse solutions to speed up the implementation of complete IoT systems. The IoT ecosystem is made up of hardware, firmware, connectivity, the Cloud platform and all the tools needed to design and implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms
Hardwire Trigger Data Logger IoT
Data Logger

Hardwire Trigger

The official Datalogger, a ready-to-use product, enables you to capture and collect measures from the field and, thanks to the Hardwire OS operating system, save, process and send it to the Cloud platform in order to be processed. It is the first point of the long journey made by your data.

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Real-time measurements
Operating system

Hardwire OS

The embedded IoT operating system, manages data acquisition and logging, transfers information to the platform, and control the channel to receive remote commands from the Cloud. It is compatible with the Hardwire Trigger data logger, with all Espressif chips, with most ARM CPUs and Linux.

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Hardwire IoT Platform
Cloud Platform

Hardwire Cloud

The Cloud Platform is for the Big Data. It is the heart of the system, collects and manages data, sends commands and configuration to remote data loggers, and provides interfaces and clients for information retrieval and remote control, both to users and to third party systems or other IoT products.

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Hardwire machine learning
Machine Learning

Hardwire Learning

The last but not the least important component of the IoT ecosystem. This product consists of a set of tools that allow access to both historical and real-time data, develop, test, and run in Cloud Infrastructure Machine Learning algorithms in R and Python languages.

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One platform, endless possibilities

Scopri dove è possibile utilizzare la piattaforma per l'Internet of Things.
IoT for medical devices Medical devices
IoT for domotics Home Automation
IoT for the industry Industry
IoT for consumer products Consumer Products
IoT for power plants Energy production
IoT for Smart City Smart cities
IoT for wearables Automotive
IoT for agriculture Agriculture
IoT for wearables Wearable
IoT for production plants Production