Home Automation

To make buildings smarter, optimize energy consumption, improve security, and automate their operation.


Control the operation of your wind or photovoltaic plants and keep track of performance and inverter failures.

Industry 4.0

An advanced control of the operation of the plant to perform a proactive analysis of possible failures and to intervene remotely.


Collect weather data, create statistical reports, and know at any time the weather data measured by your weather station.


To send remote commands and store data from all your Arduino, Raspberry, or ESP8266 based hobbies projects.


Intelligent monitoring ensures better life for your plants or your greenhouse. You can be notified in case of abnormal conditions.


Control and optimize your vehicle's routes. Organize more precise and efficient transport for instant economic savings.

IT and networking

Creates real-time monitoring of the operation of your business IT infrastructure, with real-time notifications in case of technical issues.